The Omega Benefit

Our top-of-the-line products, carrier relationships, streamlined technology, and proven process make Omega the FMO Brokerage for progressive agents. Looking to ramp up your product portfolio and fine-tune your process? Harness the power of the Omega Benefit.

Omega Difference


Omega offers the best senior products on the market, and even has some exclusive benefits that no other FMO does. Our wealth of products goes beyond just supplemental insurance, and makes us a true resource.


Omega has worked hard to develop strong relationships with our carrier partners. As an FMO, we have carrier trust and support which translates to more opportunity for our agents.


Our efficiency and innovative model is derived from our technological advantage. Our CRM system and agent portal are designed to increase productivity for our agents.

Added Value

CSG Quoting Tool

Normally a $40 per month cost, our CSG quoting tool is available for all of our agents at no charge. This tool allows you to walk into the meeting and be the expert, every time.

Administrative Support

Once you’ve sold a client, it can become tedious to maintain their plans throughout the years, especially during the Annual Election Period when everything changes. That is why as a benefit to brokering with Omega, you get built-in Part D Administration that will help your clients stay in the best plan without you having to lift a finger.

Cross-Selling Concierge

After you’ve sold a client, we offer cross-selling tactics with other ancillary products so you can earn more income without the hassle. Continue moving at a fast pace, and Omega will be here to provide back office support.

What People Say

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